Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reflections on Freedom from an Estate Planning Perspective

As we approach the 4th of July and are thinking about the celebration of the Declaration of Independence, we would also like to reflect briefly on freedom from an estate planning perspective.
  • Freedom to choose who you want to act on your behalf when you no longer can, instead of the Court deciding who this person(s) will be.
  • Freedom to allocate assets to whomever you want, instead of the State of New Hampshire deciding for you.
  • Freedom to minimize taxes, instead of burdening beneficiaries who then face adverse tax implications.
  • Freedom to protect loved ones and to make their lives easier and less costly in the event of a disability or of a death, rather than having them involved with the Court and other bureaucracies.

Be proactive and celebrate the freedom to plan for yourself and for those dearest to you. Wishing you a happy and safe 4th of July and a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Common Misconceptions When Only One Spouse Needs Long-term Care

People are frequently unsure about asset protection issues, especially  in cases where only one spouse is in need of long-term care. 

In one case, our client had been told about a five-year “look-back,” and didn’t know whether his home and other assets were protected. He and his wife were also worried about the fact that he had not done any planning. 

Fortunately, and despite common misconceptions, there are times when it is possible to transfer assets between spouses, even though one of them is in a nursing home...

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