Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Legal Resources

Findlaw.com is a very good and easily-accessible legal resource. The highly-trafficked site contains useful information about the law for lawyers, businesses, students and individuals.

Here's a quick link.

In addition, if you're wondering how well-protected you might be with respect to estate planning or elder law, you might take this free online assessment on our web site.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What is Probate?

Some time ago, one of our posts referenced the reality that estate planning is important for people of "all ages," not just for those in there sixties.

But taking a more general view, people often ask, "What is probate, anyway?"

Very simply, probate is the process by which a person's assets change hands at their death. If a person dies and his or her will says that all assets are to go to the children, the children cannot take possession of those assets until the will and other papers have been filed with the probate court, and the probate court has given its approval.

The whole process takes at least six months, and often more.